Humor: Let those grudges fly!

It's National Grudge Week, and naturally Seattle is crowded with fun events.
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It's National Grudge Week, and naturally Seattle is crowded with fun events.

National Grudge Week, the week when all Americans nurse grudges, begins today. Seattle will celebrate National Grudge Week with a series of exciting activities and fun family events:


9 am. Workshop: Grousing in the Workplace — Getting and staying irritated over arrogant bosses, sycophantic suck ups, meetings that are a complete waste of time, stupid rules, office gossipers, and idiots everywhere.

Noon. Workshop: Blogs Smearing WOGs — Using the Internet for Ethnic Slurs

2 pm Kids Program: 'ꀜThat'ꀙs Not Fair!'ꀝ — Children two to five are instructed in basic complaints. (Volunteer Park)

7 pm Torchlight Parade of the Pissed — Microsoft users fed up with operating system crashes vent their anger. (Microsoft Campus, Redmond).


8 am. US Bank Anger Triathlon: The ultimate grudge test — contestants must blow a fuse while swimming, the throw a conniption fit on a bicycle, and finally get bent out of shape while running.

Noon Ethnic Slurs Contest (Finals) — Watch the nations'ꀙ best bigots compete at 'ꀜSpics and Mics.'ꀝ (Meany Theatre)

2 pm Kids Program: What to dislike about your playmates — ages six to ten. (McGilvra School Playground)

7 pm Debate: Who is Worse — Catholics or Jews? (Kane Hall, University of Washington)


9 am. Workshop: Building Anger Over Bailouts — They get the money; you get the finger; doesn'ꀙt this make you furious? (Bagley Wright Theatre)

10 am Reading: Rachael Rage reads from her new book Going Ballistic Over Those Jerks Who Are Your In-Laws. (Town Hall)

Noon Political Snarling Demonstration — Watch Mayor Greg Nichols and Deputy Mayor Tim Ceis display their snarling techniques. (Bertha Landes Room, City Hall)

2 pm Kids Program: 'ꀜWhy me?'ꀝ — Advanced griping for eleven to fourteen year olds.

7 pm Concert: The Chorus of the Miffed sing songs of spite and venom (Benaroya Hall)


8 am. Celebrate Bad Neighbor Day — Don'ꀙt take it anymore. Today is the day to tell off your neighbor. Yard Signs saying 'ꀜLoser Lives Next Door'ꀝ will be distributed free. (Safeco Field)

10 am Reading: Roger Rant reads from his latest book Take This Job and Shove It: Fantasies about Telling off the Boss. (Microsoft Auditorium, Seattle Public Library)

Noon Workshop: Finding New Bones To Pick — Running Low on Peeves? Then try: people who toot their own horns; call centers; remodeling contractors; and stock brokers with "sure things."

2 pm. Kids Program: Roving Storytellers Bitch A Lot (Westlake Mall)

4 pm. Health Forum: Living with Irish Alzheimer'ꀙs — physicians and scientists discuss coping with the crippling disease where patients forget everything except their grudges. (Swedish Hospital)

7 pm. Rock Concert. Bands include The Mean-Spirited, The Livid, and The Irate (Experience Music Project)


9 am. Instruction: Expressing Grudges in ESL (ACT Theatre)

Noon. Awards Banquet: Sports Grudge of the Year. Will it be UW football, the Sonics departure, or A-Rod on steroids? (Washington Athletic Club)

2 pm. Kids Program: Preparing for National Vengeance Week (the second week in January). (Mount Baker Beach Park)

4 pm. Roundtable: Gripes About Ex'ꀙs'ꀔShare your Beefs about your Ex-Spouse. (Sunset Club)

7 pm. Gala Dinner and Crowning of Miss Peeved (The Ruins)


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