The Smartypants Guide to April's Civic Cocktail

Study up for our interview with UW president Michael Young and a rundown of political game plans for elections this fall.
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Susan Hutchison

Study up for our interview with UW president Michael Young and a rundown of political game plans for elections this fall.

As the University of Washington goes, so goes the Puget Sound economy to a large degree. So, how is the UW doing in terms of research, scientific and medical innovations? And is it creating a learning environment that promotes a healthy civic life?

University of Washington President Michael Young will address some of those questions on April 2 at the next Civic Cocktail, hosted by the Seattle City Club, the Seattle Channel and Crosscut.  Young will talk with the audience, host and political commentator Joni Balter and a panel of journalists that includes government and political reporter Essex Porter of KIRO TV and Berit Anderson, the editor overseeing Crosscut's education coverage.

In a second segment, Washington state Republican Party Chair Susan Hutchison and Democratic State Rep. Reuven Carlyle of Seattle will talk about their party's game plans for the critical fall elections. Reid Wilson, of the Washington Post’s GovBeat, will join from D.C. to talk about trends around the country. 

We hope you'll join us on Wednesday, April 2 at Tom Douglas' Palace Ballroom, 2100 Fifth Ave. The doors open at 5:30 p.m and the program begins at 6. Register here.

And, whether you attend or not, here's a quick guide to keep you well-informed on this week's two hot issues:

University of Washington 

President's Blog, University of Washington.

"State Legisature approves DREAM Act for immigrants' children," John Stang, Crosscut.

"Washington's higher ed challenge: 50-50 by 2020," Jeanne Kohl-Welles and David Frockt, Crosscut.

"State science, tech students see new opportunity at home," Vanesha Manuturi, Crosscut.

"Can Mike Young save the UW?" David Brewster, Crosscut.

"UW's Young looks good, despite presidential-selection process," Ted Van Dyk, Crosscut.

Elections 2014

"Table is set for furious battle over state Senate control," Chris Vance, Crosscut.

"Olympia: Where legislation goes to die," John Stang, Crosscut.

"How to read Seattle: Liberal, conservative or in between?" Benjamin Anderstone, Crosscut.

"Legislature 2014: Ready to rumble again," John Stang, Crosscut.

"GovBeat: The Pulse of State and Local Government" Washington Post blog.

Seattle Channel will broadcast the program later; you can find all their past Civic Cocktail broadcasts here.


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