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Raymond Fenton

As a student of Rhetoric & Media Studies, it is my responsibility to hold a critical lens to public media and discourse. Sadly, from what I can see, public media is not doing the best job of presenting the public with useful information.

This is where Crosscut makes a significant difference. Uninhibited by fast turnovers in the rush to make "breaking news," Crosscut’s news team digs deep beneath the surface of contemporary issues, giving their readers a fuller, less contrived perspective of reality as we know it. It's crucial that we invest in this important work today.

While interning with Crosscut this Summer, a Bernie Sanders rally was shut down by a group of Black Lives Matter protesters. The news headlines went into a tizzy, resulting in public discourse on tactics and political correctness rather than addressing the elephant in the room: issues of race and systematic oppression.

I found myself getting fed up with the media's response, until I realized that I am the media.

I channeled my frustration into a list of research questions, and forwarded them to the Editorial team. I was surprised when I was offered the opportunity to write the story myself. At that moment, Crosscut helped me realize that I was the public media and they nurtured my ideas to fruition.

Crosscut Public Media helped me give a voice to a group that was being silenced, as they continue to do so for various others within the Seattle/Tacoma area. From articles like the Poor in Pike Place and Pioneer Square to Racism and the Public Lands, Crosscut asks those hard questions, keeping this city that we all love so dearly, accountable to all.

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Raymond Fenton

Raymond Fenton

Raymond Fenton was Crosscut's Development Assistant Intern for the summer of 2015. He is currently a student at Lewis & Clark College where he double majors in Rhetoric & Media Studies and Theatre. Raymond is an active advocate for social justice with focus on gender, race and education equity. Previously he was Community Organizing Intern at League of Education Voters and currently is the President of the Black Student Union at Lewis & Clark College. When not at Crosscut Raymond can be found making theatre, volunteering on film sets, making music, clubbing, or enjoying the company of interesting people. Follow him on Twitter @RaeJeffe