Podcast | Why one man biked every single street in Seattle

Reporter Conor Courtney explains how cyclist Danny Roberts began the passion project — and what the journey meant to both of them.

Danny Roberts poses with his bicycle in Seattle

Danny Roberts spent 13 months biking every street in Seattle. He finished the project in February 2023. (Conor Courtney for Crosscut)

In late 2021, freelance writer and photographer Conor Courtney noticed some strange patterns on the fitness app Strava. An acquaintance, Danny Roberts, was posting about riding his bike all over Seattle — but not on typical bike-friendly routes. He would consistently zig-zag back and forth on every street in a given neighborhood.

Turns out Roberts was doing this for a specific purpose. He’d decided to bike every single street in the city of Seattle. In the end, it took him about 13 months of riding hard. And Courtney thought it was worth asking why.

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Along the way, Roberts found unique, hidden corners of Seattle and learned a whole lot more about the city he loves. But he was also hit by a car and suffered fairly serious injuries. That didn’t stop him.

In this episode of Crosscut Reports, host Sara Bernard talks with Courtney about Roberts’ unusual project and what it meant to him; the joy and challenges of riding bikes in Seattle; and why Courtney was inspired to report on this project in the first place.


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