Podcast | Meet Maleeha Syed, the new co-host of Crosscut Reports

Plus, hear a teaser of the Mossback podcast’s fourth season, which returns Friday, October 6.

Maleeha Syed and Sara Bernard in the audio studio

Maleeha Syed and Sara Bernard talk audio storytelling in the Crosscut podcast studio. (Amanda Snyder/Crosscut)

You probably noticed a new voice in the past few episodes of Crosscut Reports. That’s Maleeha Syed, the show’s new co-host. She’ll be working alongside Sara Bernard to bring you weekly updates on the stories coming out of Crosscut’s newsroom.

This episode of Crosscut Reports starts with a casual conversation between the two co-hosts. Syed, previously Crosscut’s communities reporter, talks about what it’s like to switch from written to audio storytelling and shares a few podcasts she has had in rotation lately.

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Bernard then gives listeners a sneak peek into the fourth season of Mossback, the companion podcast to our award-winning video series about Pacific Northwest history, with a snippet from one of the newest episodes.

Read Knute Berger's essay about Season 8 of Mossback's Northwest here.

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