"To me, a Mossback is not somebody who was born in the Northwest, but it’s somebody who comes here and knows they’re home.” — Knute Berger, host of Mossback’s Northwest 

For his entire life, Knute Berger has been exploring his homeland, trying to make sense out of the wonders of the Pacific Northwest. And for decades he has found its curiosities and customs, and shared them with readers in Seattle and beyond through various publications, including Crosscut. After Crosscut merged with KCTS 9, Berger brought his unique take on the region's history and heritage — in which he tells stories of forgotten figures, looks for the origins of the area's idiosyncrasies and explores some of the darker corners of our past to gain insight into today’s major issues — to public television viewers throughout the Northwest as well.

A Mossback, says Berger, is someone who is attached to the Pacific Northwest and has allowed the region to shape them, whatever their origin. Read Berger's columns and watch Mossback on KCTS 9 or stream it online. Stay up-to-date on local events. And listen to our all-new Mossback podcast, coming this fall!

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