Podcast | Climate change and the future of outdoor adventuring

Is it still ethical to ski and hike? How is raising a kid to love the outdoors changing? The director of the UW Climate Impacts Group talks us through those questions.

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tents along a mountain stream

A campsite in the Enchanted Valley on the Olympic Peninsula. (Dorothy Edwards/Crosscut)

For a long time, climate change was more of a theoretical threat for many people. While certain events would underline the threat the scientists were warning the world about, they were rare enough that it was possible to ignore or quickly forget about the dangers ahead.

That is becoming more and more difficult to do now as headlines about record-breaking heat waves, drought, wildfires and flooding become more frequent. 

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It is also becoming more difficult to ignore for one particular segment of the population: outdoor adventurers who rely on snowy slopes, forest trails, waterways and clean air to get their kicks.

For this episode of the Crosscut Talks podcast, we speak with Amy Snover of the University of Washington's Climate Impacts Group about the ways the changing climate is changing the nature of outdoor recreation and what can still be saved.


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