Podcast | The founders of The 19th discuss the future of journalism

Amanda Zamora and Emily Ramshaw share the lessons learned in the first year of their industry-bending journalism startup.

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Amanda Zamora and Emily Ramshaw

Founders of The 19th Amanda Zamora, left, and Emily Ramshaw. (Courtesy photos)

Over the past two decades, the journalism industry has experienced a lot of change. Much of that transformation has been bad: shrinking page counts, shrinking budgets and, ultimately, shrinking newsrooms.

In recent years, though, a different kind of change has emerged. As the old ways have fallen away, some new approaches to the industry’s financial and philosophical underpinnings have resulted in new hope for many. 

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A lot of that hope is embodied in The 19th, a nonprofit newsroom focused on covering gender, politics and policy. 

For this episode of the Crosscut Talks podcast, we feature a conversation with The 19th founders Amanda Zamora and Emily Ramshaw about the origins, intentions and successes of their outlet. 

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