Podcast | Learning to swim as a trans man in Idaho

After taking steps to affirm his gender, Torrey Stephenson decided to take a plunge – and became a triathlete in the process.

Torrey Stephenson in front of a pool

Torrey Stephenson in front of the pool at the University of Idaho Swim Center. (Frankie Beer for Cascade PBS)

Torrey Stephenson was born biologically female.  

Over the years he realized that he identifies as a man, and took measures to align with his gender — for example, getting top surgery in 2020.  

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As he grew more comfortable in his body, he wanted to try something new: swimming.  

In this episode of Northwest Reports, host Maleeha Syed speaks with Stephenson about how he took the plunge into the sport; why, even though he’s more comfortable with his body, he still has nerves about being trans in Idaho; and how, in just a few months, he went from learning the ropes to competing in a triathlon.   

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