Your Last Meal | Andrew Rea (Babish) on food tattoos and chicken parm

Listeners share the stories behind their tastiest tattoos, and we learn about iconic foods and drinks created entirely by mistake.

Andrew Rea (Babish)

Andrew Rea is best known for his super-popular YouTube channel, Babish Culinary Universe, where 10 million subscribers tune in to watch him host cooking shows like Binging with Babish, where he recreates dishes from TV shows and movies.

The focus of his new (third!) cookbook, Basics with Babish, is cooking mistakes. He cheekily reveals every single mistake he’s made while attempting to cook each recipe, and gives readers advice on how to avoid them. 

Lots of iconic food and drink, from potato chips to champagne, were allegedly created by mistake. In this episode we focus on the chimichanga, accidentally created in the 1950s at El Charro in Tucson, Arizona. 

Is there a food you love so much you’d get it tattooed on your body? Andrew has a tattoo of one of the only foods he hates! He’ll tell his story, and then YLM listeners call in to share their tasty tattoo tales with host Rachel Belle. 

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