Bigfoot returns

After leaving Mars, he's now down south, caught on film, jaywalking.

After leaving Mars, he's now down south, caught on film, jaywalking.

Last we heard from Bigfoot, he was on Mars.

But earlier this week, Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez speculated that capitalism was responsible for the Red Planet's lifeless desolation. If so,  the depredations of the free market have not kept the hairy enigma from moving back to take his chances in the greener pastures of North Carolina.

As a newspaper's web site put it:

Thomas Byers was driving with a friend when he said he saw Bigfoot cross Golden Valley Church Road in Rutherford County on Wednesday.
Naturally, he whipped out his video camera and was able to capture a five-second video from about 4.5 to 6m away.
"It ran across the road and into the woods right in front of us and I was able to film it," Mr Byers wrote in an email to WCNC-TV. "In the short video you can hear it snarl or growl at me."

Bigfoot also appears to wave or shake a fist, not unlike an angry, self-righteous jaywalking Seattle pedestrian. If he'd been on a bike, there might have been some bloodshed.

Or maybe he just doesn't like his nickname:

Mr Byers detailed the event on a personal website where he has posted the video and a handful of pictures. In the description, he explained that Bigfoot, or Knobby as the beast is known locally, has been "spotted for years."

Knobby? What kind of respect does that show?

I vote for Billy Bob Bigfoot.


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