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Sarah E. Myhre

Sarah E. Myhre Ph.D. is a scientist and public advocate for human rights at the University of Washington. She is the founder of Rowan Institute, a think tank for public leadership and communication in a hot and dangerous world. Dr. Myhre is a national thought leader in the field of climate science communication. She is a public communicator and strategic advisor, with more than a decade of work across scientific, educational, non-profit and governmental sectors, and her writing bylines can be found in Newsweek, the Guardian, The Stranger, and LiveScience. She is a feminist leader, grassroots organizer, and activist, as a founding board member of 500 Women Scientists, the founder and collaborative leader of the Seattle chapter of 500 Women Science, and a board member with the Center for Women and Democracy. Dr. Myhre is an advocate for a values-into-action framework for equity, science, and justice in public leadership. 

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