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Hacer la transición de la preparatoria a la universidad durante una pandemia

Jacquelyn Jiménez Romero estaba terminando un exitoso último año en la escuela preparatoria Franklin — presidente del consejo estudiantil, editora de anuario, destacada deportista — cuando COVID-19 lo cambió todo. Ahora se queda en casa con su mamá, dos hermanos menores y acceso limitado de internet. Pese a los desafíos que la familia enfrenta, ella asume la responsabilidad de ayudar a sus compañeros de clase a navegar la situación a la vez que sufre el estrés de escoger una universidad, dificultades económicas y un futuro incierto.

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Making the leap from high school to college during a pandemic

Jacquelyn Jimenez Romero was wrapping up a successful senior year at Franklin High School — student government president, yearbook editor, varsity athlete — when COVID-19 threw off everything. Now she finds herself at home with mom, two younger siblings and limited internet access. Despite her family's challenges, she steps up to help her schoolmates navigate the situation, all while dealing with the stress of college decisions, financial insecurity and uncertainty about the future.

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Tragedy and terror in 1919 Centralia

A century ago, violence of a brutal nature broke out in southwest Washington when two ideologies clashed: the anti-Bolshevik American Legion and the radical organizers of the Industrial Workers of the World, the IWW—better known as the Wobblies. The violence left its scars on the streets of Centralia in Lewis County in November 1919, and the legacy of that date is still debated.

The tiny oyster that made Washington

The Pacific Coast’s only indigenous oyster, the Olympia, was eaten into near-extinction. It could be making a comeback.

Tiny compared to other oysters, the Olympia was for decades raked out of Washington's beds by the ton. A local delicacy that once fueled gold diggers in California and loggers in Washington, the Olympia oyster became a major industry, yet was so tiny you could hold it between your fingertips. Invasive Japanese oysters took over its habitat, but the might Olympia might be making a comeback, thanks to interested shellfish farmers.

When your lab becomes a center of hope in a pandemic

Molecular virologist Dr. Jesse Erasmus is part of a team at UW Medicine aiding the global effort to find a COVID-19 vaccine. The team works around the clock in the race to produce an effective vaccine at record speed, trying to do in under a year what normally can take an average of 10 to 20 years. For Erasmus, focusing on a solution is a way of coping as the world shifts around him.

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