Host Rachel Belle holds rainbow pasta with her guest Linda Miller Nicholson

The Nosh with Rachel Belle

The Nosh with Rachel Belle explores the eclectic and delicious culinary scene of the Pacific Northwest through lively and curious storytelling. We examine art, culture, trends and the outdoors, all through the lens of food and drink. Hosted by longtime Seattle journalist Rachel Belle, host of the James Beard Award-nominated podcast Your Last Meal.

Local pasta artist creates delicious edible rainbows

Painting, drawing and … food? Rachel Belle explores aesthetics with Linda Miller Nicholson, whose noodles have been praised by Oprah and Gigi Hadid.


Food offers us an experience that engages all our senses. And Seattle’s culinary scene isn’t just about taste, it’s also about artistry. Each dish tells a story, reflecting the culture, heritage and personality of its creator. Chefs and home cooks alike carefully arrange ingredients, utilizing vibrant colors, intricate designs and innovative techniques to transform dishes into visual masterpieces. Every plate becomes a canvas and every ingredient a stroke of the brush as culinary artists explore the intersection of food and aesthetics.​ 

One such artist is Linda Miller Nicholson, who began adding superfood purees to her pasta doughs to persuade her young son to eat more healthfully. After she began sharing her extraordinarily vibrant rainbow pasta creations online under the name Salty Seattle, she gained a national following – going as far as to make Oprah’s Favorite Things list and creating a rainbow pasta art installation in Gigi Hadid’s kitchen.  

In this episode, host Rachel Belle joins Linda in her studio to discover how she transforms flour, eggs and salt into edible works of art. Rachel learns more about what Linda’s work means to her and the impact she hopes to leave on the world. And with the help of some fruits and vegetables, together they create rainbow pasta magic – and prove that despite what your parents told you, it’s OK to play with your food!