Host Rachel Belle holds rainbow pasta with her guest Linda Miller Nicholson

The Nosh with Rachel Belle

The Nosh with Rachel Belle explores the eclectic and delicious culinary scene of the Pacific Northwest through lively and curious storytelling. We examine art, culture, trends and the outdoors, all through the lens of food and drink. Hosted by longtime Seattle journalist Rachel Belle, host of the James Beard Award-nominated podcast Your Last Meal.

Exploring Seattle’s vibrant sober scene one mocktail at a time

The city is thirsty — for non-alcoholic options. Rachel Belle meets with the folks fostering community by rethinking the way we connect over drinks.


Across the globe, people are seeking alternatives to what is typically a culture of alcohol-centric socializing. With Gen Z and millennials leading the way, this movement goes beyond just being a trend and instead reflects a broader cultural shift toward mindfulness and a holistic approach to wellness. And Seattle is no exception; in the last few years, the city has seen a notable shift in its social landscape, with the emergence of a vibrant sober and sober-curious community.  

From the city’s first non-alcoholic bottle shop to the emergence of alcohol-free social spaces, Seattle locals are thirsty for opportunities to gather with a mocktail in hand. And the drinks have come a long way: Some non-alcoholic wines, beers and spirits taste exactly like their boozy originals, but there are plenty of new, delicious flavors made from natural botanicals. 

In this episode, Rachel Belle meets with Kirstin and Yura Vracko, owners of Cheeky & Dry, to learn more about how they came to open their shop – and try a few zero-proof drinks for herself! She then joins Alix Hays of Sober N’ Seattle, founder of the Sober City Movement, for a mocktail mixer, discovering the ways in which spaces like these are redefining the way Seattleites connect and foster community.