Podcast | What are the big questions in WA’s upcoming election?

Three political journalists discuss how the economy, abortion and public safety might shape the state’s senate, congressional and secretary of state races.

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Crosscut reporter Joseph O’Sullivan, left, and Seattle Times political editor Carlton Winfrey listen as Axios reporter Melissa Santos discusses the 2022 election during a taping of Civic Cocktail at the KCTS 9 studio on Oct. 12, 2022. (Jason Redmond/Crosscut)

Ballots will begin arriving in mailboxes throughout the state of Washington this week. And voters have some big choices to make. 

Informing those big choices will be some big questions: How are major national issues like abortion and the economy driving campaigns across the state? What local issues will show up on the ballot and what does it all mean for the broader political dynamics in our country?

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Washignton's 2022 midterms might be a referendum on Democrats in power or, thanks to tense confrontations about the health of our elections and democracy, yet another election about Trump. 

For the first segment of this episode of the Civic Cocktail podcast, we have invited a panel of local political journalists to analyze these issues inside and out.

Then, in segment two, we take a deep dive into the quest for disability rights in the workplace.


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