Podcast | After a takeover, mobile home tenants are fighting back

Residents say that WA-based management company Hurst & Son LLC is responsible for price hikes, reduced services and other grievances.

Judie Short walks through Leisure Manor Estates

Judie Short walks through the Leisure Manor Estates neighborhood, July 21, 2023. Short’s mother moved into the park in the 1980s and Short has lived there for the past five years. (Genna Martin/Crosscut)

Mobile home communities have long served as an affordable-housing option for Washington residents, but many say they’re now being priced out of their homes. 

Crosscut reporters Farah Eltohamy and Mai Hoang investigated allegations against Hurst & Son LLC, a company that has acquired dozens of mobile home parks across the state in recent years. Some residents allege that the company is responsible for rent hikes, new fees and reduced services.  

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Now these community members are pushing back against Hurst & Son – which is not the only company that has been accused of these practices

In this episode of Crosscut Reports, host Sara Bernard talks with Eltohamy about why mobile homes are not in fact mobile; the different ways community members are advocating for themselves; and why it’s so important for them to stay where they are. 

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