Podcast | The ongoing post-Roe impact on the Pacific Northwest

Reporter Megan Burbank discusses new and old complications for reproductive healthcare in WA, from appointment delays to politics.

Roe v. Wade protest Seattle June 24, 2022

Thousands gather outside the Federal Building in downtown Seattle to protest the U.S. Supreme Court’s June 24, 2022, decision to overturn historic abortion case Roe v. Wade. (Genna Martin/Crosscut)

When the U.S. Supreme Court ended the federal right to abortion in June 2022, Washington leaders doubled down on ensuring access.  

Over the past year and a half, state policy has followed accordingly, from a suite of shield laws to the allocation of government funds for abortion providers and seekers. 

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Reporter Megan Burbank has covered reproductive health care in the region for years. Back in January, she offered Crosscut Reports an overview of the impact that the fall of Roe v. Wade had on Washington in the first six months. 

In this episode, Burbank returns with an update on what has happened in the year since. Host Sara Bernard speaks with Burbank about how ongoing restrictions in Idaho continue to affect Washington; the unfolding politics of abortion access across the country; the pivots in the anti-abortion movement since its SCOTUS victory; and what we might expect in the new year.  

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