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Washington State Voter Guide 2022

If you're here, you want to be an informed voter — maybe you already are! Whether you're looking for info on the showdown in Congressional District 3, the Secretary of State special election to replace Kim Wyman or ballot items like a whole new way to vote, we can help you make a decision (although we won't tell you how to vote).

  • First things first: Are you registered to vote? You should get your ballot in the mail as early as two weeks before the election. Check your registration here.
  • You can register online or through the mail until Oct. 31 🦇 for the general election on Nov. 8.
  • Washington state also allows same-day registration in person, up to (and including) Election Day.
  • For more voting information, check out the FAQ below. 👇


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In our ongoing quest to get voters the information they need to mark their ballots, we asked candidates for Congress and the Washington Legislature to answer a short multiple-choice survey on today’s issues. For each topic – from abortion to the economy – we gave them five choices and asked them to mark which choice came closest to their beliefs. 

Sounds simple, but it’s obviously not. We did our best to provide choices that cover most of the political spectrum, but we would have needed a lot more choices to include every unique perspective. Some candidates chose not to participate; others made a choice and then added context with a short description. 

Let us know how you think this idea could be improved by emailing our news editor, Donna Blankinship, or by filling out the form on our full methodology page. We provide this voter guide for our readers and we want to hear from you.