Podcast | Washington voters dissatisfied with U.S. political system

Joseph O’Sullivan breaks down what poll respondents had to say about the upcoming presidential election — and almost no one is excited.

A podium with a President of the United States seal is pictured in front of an American flag

The latest Crosscut/Elway poll asked Washington voters about the upcoming presidential election, the leading candidates and more. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

More than 60% of Washington voters think Donald Trump is corrupt, while 70% think Joe Biden is too old to be president. Around three in five feel pessimistic about major issues, such as gun violence and immigration. 


And overall, Washington voters are generally unsatisfied with America’s political system. 

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These are just a few findings from the latest Crosscut/Elway poll, which featured responses from around 400 registered voters in Washington. 

In this episode of Crosscut Reports, reporter Joseph O’Sullivan, who wrote about the poll, chats with host Maleeha Syed about how respondents feel about the 2024 election and the leading candidates; the factors likely to influence who gets their vote; and what all this says about politics in Washington state. 

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