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Shaminder Dulai

Shaminder DulaiVisual Journalism Editor

Shaminder Dulai is Crosscut’s head of visuals. He is an award-winning photo/video journalist and creative technologist with 20 years of experience producing stories for newspapers, magazines, TV and digital newsrooms across the United States. He is a Poynter Fellow, an International Center for Journalists Fellow, a Hearst Fellow and recently, was Managing Editor for NBC Left Field, an experimental long-form documentary unit. Prior, he was Global Director of Photography and Multimedia for Newsweek magazine, where he founded Newsweek Films and PhotoLab. He is co-founder of StatelessVoices and founder of PhotoWalk. His personal projects have been published with Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Newsweek, PBS, CJR, Everyday Projects, MSNBC, NBC, Global Post, The Guardian, and the AP, among others.

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