Podcast | Mobile home tenants’ complaints spur state investigation

Earlier this year, Crosscut reported on an Aberdeen park facing rising rents and cut services. Farah Eltohamy shares how the story has evolved.

Caroline Hardy at Leisure Manor Estates in Aberdeen

Caroline Hardy looks out the window of Deb and Dave Wilson’s home in Leisure Manor Estates in Aberdeen, July 21, 2023. The Wilsons and Hardys have spearheaded the communities’ effort to protect themselves against the predatory business practices of their landlord. (Genna Martin/Crosscut)

Mobile home parks are often considered one of the most reliable forms of affordable housing. Some tenants in Washington beg to differ.  

This summer, Farah Eltohamy and Mai Hoang investigated allegations that one management company, Hurst & Son LLC, raised rents and fees while reducing services at the mobile home properties it had recently purchased across the state. 

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Tenants from those parks filed complaints with the state attorney general’s office, and in October, those complaints were heard.  

In this episode of Crosscut Reports, we replay our interview with Eltohamy from August about the first round of allegations into Hurst & Son LLC. Then we check back in to hear the latest on the state’s investigation – and what tenants in other mobile home parks are experiencing right now. 

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