Share your thoughts with us as a historic election unfolds

There will be plenty of analysis this week, but we want to hear what you’re thinking and feeling about the 2020 election.

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It's election day and Crosscut wants to hear your thoughts as the week unfolds. (Valerie Niemeyer/Crosscut)

After nonstop polls, robocalls, mailers, mud-slinging ads and creepy campaign texts, it’s finally Election Day. While we’re not expecting clear-cut results by the end of the day, the process of counting will be in full swing.

As we wait here in Washington state and across the country for ballots to be sorted, there’s a lot to think about. Sex education. Immigration. Policing. Climate change. Democracy itself. Oh, and the global pandemic, which is still happening. 

You no doubt will be on a roller-coaster of thoughts and feelings this week about all of these issues, the candidates and the results. We want to hear those thoughts, and your community might, too.

Tell us how you’re feeling during this historic election, and we may publish your response next week, along with more of our favorites. The goal is to provide a space for our readers to reflect on this historic election, to create a snapshot we can look back on together in future election cycles.

Here are some questions to guide your thinking; answer one directly or speak to whatever else is on your mind.

  • Which of the races or ballot measures are you thinking about most?

  • Which races, referendums or ballot initiatives will impact your life or your family the most? How?

  • If you’re answering this before results are known,  how are you feeling during the wait?

  • If you’re answering this after the results, how are you feeling about the future? 

  • What are you thinking and feeling that you’d want yourself to remember four years from now?

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