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After big loss in the 9th District, Sarah Smith looks forward

Sarah Smith, a Democratic socialist newcomer hoping to steal the 9th Congressional District from longtime Democratic Congressman Adam Smith, appears to be coming up short on Election Day.

With over 155,000 votes counted, Sarah Smith was sitting just below 30 percent after the first round of results came in.

“This is not the end… election night is the beginning of change,” Smith said at an Election Night party at The Royal Room in Columbia City, as polls closed across Washington. “We are creating a machine that can tackle monsters in 2020,” she added.

“We are the weak, and yet today we still stand,” a volunteer with her campaign said.

Her husband and campaign manager Jay teared up, speaking of the “labor of love” that spawned this campaign.

Her campaign now looks toward the future, the candidate said.

At the watch party, Hans Hogan-Kruschka, a German national, and his wife, Dawn, sat at a booth in the dimly lit bar decrying corporate money in politics, a top talking point of Brand New Congress, which Smith volunteered for before being recruited to run for Congress. The couple spoke about wanting a political and health care system like the one in Germany.

“The media only talks about two parties, that’s not democratic,” Dawn Hogan-Kruschka said. And then as the results started coming in in the Smith v. Smith race: “Oh drag, I don’t believe it,” she grumbled.

The Election Night watch party was streamed on YouTube and two documentary film crews were at the scene. One hailed from Japan and the other interviewed inebriated supporters throughout the evening.

Despite being disappointed in the 9th Congressional District results, attendees were heartened by the preliminary vote totals for Kim Schrier and I-1639, the gun control measure.

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